"Educating the Public on Issues Pertaining to the Protection of Human Life."

LifeTech 2020 goes virtual!

October 24th, 2020, sessions starting at 10:00am EDT

The LifeTech Conference is an annual pro-life science & technology conference where speakers present on a variety of issues of interest to pro-life people.

Our mission is to discuss issues related to all facets of scientific inquiry related to the dignity of human life, from before birth into old age; from abortion to end-of-life issues and everything in between.

This very strange year of 2020 rings in our first ever 100% virtual conference. Our speakers for this year will all be hosted from their homes and broadcast direct to you via YouTube live streaming. Please check back frequently as the speakers, times, topics and links to hear them speak will be updated frequently.

On the day of the conference, directions for viewing the presentations will be posted here, as well as on our YouTube page.

Since this is an all virtual conference experience, these sessions are presented free of charge. We do ask, however, for any small donation you can give in exchange for this conference access. Please click on the donation page for more details, we appreciate any gift, and remember -- LifeTech is a 501c3 organization.

List of Speakers for the 2020 virtual conference

(Updated as of 10/20/2020, topic, bios and other information coming soon)

Fr. Larry Gearhart

On the Principle of Solidarity

Dr. Stephen Sammut

Utilizing Animal Models in the Investigation of Pregnancy-related Scenarios: Investigating Abortion and Ectopic Pregnancy

Steve Koob

Is Contraception a Pro-Life Issue?

Pastor Walter Moss

Why I am a Black Pro-Life Pastor

Dr. Paul Byrne

The Mendacity of "Brain Death"

David Prentice

Fetal Tissue, Cell Lines, COVID-19 Vaccine Science and Ethics

Dave Banaszak

Population Decline in Clark County Ohio