Call for Abstracts

The LifeTech Conference is designed to facilitate communication between professional members of the Pro-Life community and provide a forum for technical presentation and publication.

This Conference provides Pro-Life professionals a forum to network and exchange technical information. We are seeking technical presentations on topics relevant to the pro-life movement. Potential topics include medical or biological information about abortion or euthanasia, cloning, population genetics, stem cell research, genetic engineering, statistics, demographics, applications of information technology, abstinence education, psychology of pregnancy counseling, and similar topics.

Expect your audience to be technically sophisticated, but not necessarily in your field.

Please submit abstracts to:

LifeTech Conference

815 W Main St

Springfield OH 45504

or by email to

Please limit abstracts to about 300 words. We generally allow 40 minutes for each presentation.

We encourage presenters to prepare slides and/or a paper to be included on this website. Slides should be in Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe PDF. Papers should be in MS Word or Adobe PDF.

A "Best Presentation in Conference" award is given after each conference.